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2016: Return to Page 1 Everything is poisonous and everyone is afraid there is no way out only up or down and just one decision left

Mourning Doves mate for life. We have a pair that returns to our courtyard each Spring. The thing is they’re kind of stupid fluttering clumsily about for most of the season falling off awnings stutter-cooing as they try to hump while their tiny eggs splatter… Continue Reading →

Helena No. 2: Part II

The day after I spoke with Rosemary, I got caught up in new student orientation–500 incoming freshmen and their families (all filled with questions and excitement) streaming onto campus. I was finally able to look Jean up on Monday. As… Continue Reading →

Helena No. 2

There are a lot of things I adore about my current day job at a small liberal arts college near my home in Northeast Los Angeles. Like the exceptionally beautiful campus, the dedicated staff, and the secret vending machine that still… Continue Reading →

“A” for Effort

A Teachable Moment That Autumn we covered miles together crossing invisible lines in the dark between New Mexico and Texas Mississippi and Tennessee. You taught me things I should have learned long ago but never did. A truer version of America’s Evolution… Continue Reading →


I wrote this a little after my 16th birthday. I wish I could go back in time and teach this girl how to feel better about herself. But I guess I sort of did. If you were similarly lost at some… Continue Reading →

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