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R U There?

freeonair4u: or tell ur number i will call u
freeonair4u: or tell me when u will call
poethelena: k, hang on
freeonair4u: right now
poethelena: (310) 573-7676
poethelena: this is the number at Promises
poethelena: call and ask for Enid

New IM Convo

guy90026: i don’t know the name but she said american women love it she asked me if i could see her anus, so i said “yes” then she pushed back and down like on my face
poethelena: Yeah, I don’t know that the majority of American women want to shove their ass on someone’s face
poethelena: that might be a misleading statement on her part
guy90026: so did she lie american women do not like?
poethelena: There are lots of things American women do and do not like
poethelena: I can speak only for myself
poethelena: and my ass is ticklish
guy90026: ok then do you or do you not ?
poethelena: No

Cross-Country Lovin’: Spread the Goodness

For Me to Poop On!

IM Convo

I recently changed the settings on my Yahoo Messenger to accept messages from people who aren’t on my Friends list. And about three hours after I removed it, I remembered why I set that preference in the first place. Trollers!… Continue Reading →

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