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Life Insurance

Why I Took Woodshop Nancy was killed with a hammer. Her husband Rodney walked in on the young man who was renting a room from them in the act and shot the guy. Then he called the police. He was… Continue Reading →


Prime Time On the television is a clip show marathon: police chases horrible accidents memorable assaults. I’m not really watching it but I leave it on in the background so that my brain can absorb all of the terror with… Continue Reading →

A confession

I really liked the Bernie Mac show.  A lot.

That says it all

I wonder how on earth I ended up as a search result for a number of these terms. I want to ask how many links they went through before they came to a page from me. Like, I know that “Harriet Carter vibrator” puts me at number one (and proud I am), but how many pages of search results did you comb through until you found me while looking for “gorgonzola slave,” seriously?

Compost Character

I found those stories online. Which stories? The stories where you are talking about some girl named Andrea but you’re actually talking about me. Why would you read those? How could I not? Well, you should know that those are… Continue Reading →

Whining to the internet

That doesn’t make any sense. I know. So you shot this guy down, over and over, for–what, a year? Something like that. And then he finally moves on and gets together with a girl that likes and wants to be… Continue Reading →

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