I’m having a hard time with the About section at the moment. I wouldn’t have, except that when WordPress imported my old entries, it imported my old About page, too. It was too hard to just erase it, but I don’t have the heart to write a new bio just yet. It’s like looking back on pictures where you thought you were fat, but you weren’t that fat. I thought life was complicated then, but it really wasn’t.
I’m Helena. I’m a Southern California native, born and raised in the city of Downey.  Since then I’ve lived in Venice Beach and Eagle Rock, and every place in between.  I went to school to learn how to write, and then I couldn’t write anymore.  So I did what anyone of my generation would do in order to avoid growing up–I went to work for MTV!  It was a journey that took me from receptionist to Field Producer, from a desk in Santa Monica to the waterfalls of Iguazu.