So I kept waiting to be “ready” with each potential post–to master the nuance, to perfect the wording, to simply be prepared to share more with you. PRO TIP: That day will never come. Those entries are wilting in my journal, the bloom fallen.

Instead, I commit to share what someone has kindly called the “raw” state of my writing and thought with you–as it is. My plan is to scan these each right from the actual journal, but for now I will just share what I can. Better to start imperfectly than never begin at all.



I listen to
the forks and knives
of normalcy
outside my window
welcoming one another
to the table
and talking about their day.
My reality
is solitary metal
dragged across
ancient china.
Nails grating
on the chalkboard
of harmony.
But my truth
is silent
to be heard.