Hi all! Well, I have a couple of stories under my belt to share with you. But before I do that, I’m going to be transitioning the blog to WordPress. Why I’ve insisted on ineptly running my own blog for so long, I don’t know. The spam filters blow, the editing is a pain in the ass, and the entire process is slow and cumbersome (especially for adding pictures). This is almost certainly not MT’s fault. Considering the fact that I’m running the granny version of their stuff, because I fear change. And spending money. I’m sorry MT, I’m sorry poethelena site as it has existed since 2000…we’re going to do this the easy way, starting now. I’ll leave this as is for a bit, and when things are all nice and smooth-like, poethelena.com will redirect. So, say your goodbyes to my clunky design (and clunky essays; I don’t think they’ll be making the jump). New chapters and all that.