Many of you may have already found out via my Myspace that the operation was successful. My cyst was ginormous (even bigger than they thought). It weighed almost ten pounds, and was the size of a freakin’ watermelon. It was the talk of the whole floor. As I told a friend, I felt kind of like a celebrity. A freakish, sideshow kind of celebrity. There were absolutely no indications that it is cancerous. Official results on that in about a week.

It was a rough couple of nights at the hospital because, as it turns out, I’m pretty much immune to oral painkillers. Once they took me off the morphine drip I was miserable. I’ve now found the right balance (read: two darvocet every four hours) to keep the pain mostly at bay. I have the attention span of a squirrel and find it difficult to walk a straight line, but I feel fabulous!

Until I can tackle the stairs at home, I’m staying at my mom’s house and convalescing. Within my first hour here, both the Beagle and the Burmese Python had both escaped–but since then we’ve been almost entirely without incident.

One thing I’m super-excited about is the fact that I have instantly lost ten pounds! Man, that was easy. It almost makes me wish that I had some ass and/or thigh cysts.

Thanks to everyone who sent emails, comments, chocolates, flowers, slippers, and hugs. This experience has been surprisingly positive. I’ve been given a new appreciation for my health, and surprised by the amount of support and affection that has come my way–some of it from the very unlikeliest places! It just proves what I already knew–that those I let into my life are quality people.

I really appreciate everything that you guys have said and done. I feel better now than I have in years. It could be the darvocet, but I’m gonna say it’s Love.

(Ok, I couldn’t resist at least offering a view of the cyst here on the blog. Be warned, it is repulsive…the kind of face only a mother could love. I called her, Mini)