I was just thinking about the women in my life. I’ve never really had lots of girl friends. In the last two years of high school there was a little pack I ran with. But aside from that, I usually keep just a very few, very close friends. They are all women I admire. And I think that has to do with my family. From childhood, I have been surrounded by women who are doers. They are not weak, they are not incapable, they are not delicate. They are women who solve problems, thrive in the most adverse conditions, face challenges without even imagining the possibility of failure.

I am so happy for that. I have never thought that there was something I needed a man to do for me (well, aside from the obvious). In fact, I think that for the most part, I’ve been more of a “man” than lots of the guys I’ve been with. I don’t balk at heavy lifting, the usage of power tools, or spiders. Not even really big spiders.

My grandmother, mother, and aunt gave me a wonderful start–as a result, I’ve been able to do countless things I would never have dared to before. I would never have been the only woman on a rowdy fifteen person crew for a two-week shoot…and returned with my sanity intact. I would never have felt able to hold my own in a male-dominated industry. I would never have been able to celebrate my independence, want for nothing, be self-sufficient. I take a great deal of pride in doing things myself, and knowing that I can do anything I want to–and I know this is because they made me.

Yes, it’s a pretty sappy post. But its purpose is to congratulate the women in my life and thank them. For my friends, know that I chose you because I admire you. For my family, know that you’ve given me everything I have, because I wouldn’t have it at all without you! You are all amazing women.