Seriously. Between being back at a job that is actually stimulating and challenging, and preparing for a move, I hardly have time to think about what’s happening next. I got on a packing kick yesterday and packed about a dozen large boxes. I also did all my change of address stuff, cleaned house, made arrangements for the move (next Saturday!). After two years of staying put, I guess I really had forgotten what a pain in the ass moving is.

I know this sounds dangerously like complaining. But it really isn’t. I’m incredibly happy about both changes in my life. I just hadn’t bargained on work being as demanding of my time as it has been. Three days last week were spent traveling. I’ll go away for another six in February, and probably a few more before the end of March. It’s really cool…I just hadn’t been thinking that travel would be a possibility. I probably should have, since that’s kinda what field producers do, but I thought the show was all local. I have had to make everything wait. Packing, my friends, Chubby Bunny…it’s all been on hold.

Ok I’m done quasi-complaining/whining. No one wants to hear that shit.

Here is where I will be seducing you. Aw yeah. With a roaring fire.


I’m looking for cool vintage couches and other midcentury furniture to go in that there living room. Write to me if you have suggestions. Only five days to go.