Well, every once in a while I have a good excuse for being a bad friend and blogger. This is one of those times! Since the first of the year I have accepted a new job (doing freelance production work for MTV again) and decided to move. I didn’t want to jinx these things so, until both were set in stone, I refrained from gabbing about them too much. I start the new job tomorrow, and I signed the lease on the new apartment this weekend. I’m excited about both, but the apartment has really got me worked up. It’s an awesome place in Eagle Rock (a neighborhood of Los Angeles, between Hollywood and Pasadena is the best way I can describe it to non-Angelenos). It’s a two-bedroom on a hill (the bottom half of a duplex) with hardwood floors in the living room, and a storage room. STORAGE! A concept so long-forgotten that I thought it must have been a figment of my imagination. But the best part is the beautiful outdoor patio, with a stone fireplace, a grill, and a fish pond! A POND! I’m sorry about all the yelling, but after living in a glorified box for two years, finding a place that will be more like a home is really meaningful. It has me feeling all domestic. Visions of the great midcentury furniture I’m going to buy are dancing through my head. Hell, I even cooked tonight! And there wasn’t a boy for miles around!

I am hoping for some decorating advice on the really bad 70’s bathroom. The kitchen cabinets are pretty corny too. There had to be a trade-off for that hardwood floor and hillside retreat vibe, I guess. Any suggestions? Pictures of the rest follow.

Low-budget, Awful 70's BathroomCorny Kitchen