So I know it’s a bit late for a weekend report but I wanted to mention a couple of things.

Don’t go to the Observatory yet. At least not on a Saturday night. It’s a fucking nuthouse. The shows were both sold out, the exhibits were so crowded you couldn’t see, and it was jam-packed with babies. Not that I have anything against babies. Well, you know what I mean. And I don’t have to justify myself to you! If I wasn’t in such pleasant company, it would have been a pretty roundly disappointing experience.

Sushi GenAlso, Sushi Gen (which I’d heard lots of good things about but never actually been to) is pretty damn good. I really enjoyed the Salmon and Toro. But when do I not?

Did I just write an obnoxious LA-sushi-girl sentence? I did. I’m sorry.

I’ll close in saying that I’m now truly convinced the best possible way to spend Sunday afternoon is lounging around in bed.