I took this picture ages ago, I kept forgetting to post it. When I went back to work in May, my office on the Paramount Lot had been moved. We went from one of the nicest, newest buildings on the lot to one of the smallest and dumpiest (the termite infestation is becoming a real issue lately!). However!! This little building also happens to be the Brady Bunch high school.
Brady Bunch School!

That’s right. Whenever you see Greg and Marsha casually strolling across campus with their books clasped in their slender golden arms, pondering the nature of good and evil, or the meaning of life itself–that’s where I work!

Anyway it redeems the building. Sort of. We’re also kitty corner to the offices Lucille Ball had built for herself. You can see it on the left there, the brick building. There a really neat pic of her and Desi walking down the path just to our North. And my floor used to be home to Scott Bakula! Yes! I know! I had a crush on him, too! Uh…I mean…

So I was searching for “Brady Bunch School” on youtube to try and find some footage maybe. I didn’t find any, but I did come across this.

I’m not sold…Does he look high to you?

Anyway, yes I’ve decided to stay in on Halloween. After nearly a half an hour to drive home (a drive that usually takes less than fifteen minutes), I decided against venturing back into the madness. I’m supposed to be kicking ass on my pic editing for Chubby Bunny but somehow got sidetracked…if procrastination was a competetive sport, I’d have gold medals baby. Okay, back to work.