While I was in the grocery store buying boring-ass food (did I mention I’m trying to diet? I am) I enjoyed some nostalgia courtesy of Albertsons’ musical selection…today was a very musical day overall, actually. And a very “feelings” day.

I kept hearing the Scissor Sisters’ “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” in my head all morning at work. The song has become something of a guilty pleasure recently and now it’s come back to bite me in the ass. Don’t listen. Trust me. It’s a first-rate earworm. And it will take you to the brink of sanity.*


So after work I’m in the grocery store and on comes Shakespeare’s Sister’s “Stay” (the sister thing is pure coincidence). Do you remember this song? I think most everyone over 25 must. I loved this song. LOVED it. And the video. My burgeoning adolescent sexuality was perfectly captured by the ethereal black and white beings that writhed across the screen. It reminds me of riding a bus in 7th grade with my best friend Stephanie, on the way to a youth group field trip in Huntington Beach (the song “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover” also reminds me of this trip–it was playing on the boombox someone had brought, while we longingly gazed at the class stud sitting in the back row of the bus and sucking face with an overdeveloped 8th grade tramp we wished hateful things on).

Then I got home and was trying to find that awful fucking Scissor Sisters song on myspace so I could hear it and hopefully expel the earworm. In the process I came across this song by Primitive Radio Gods. Remember this song? Yeah, you do. This song, I was so fed up with this song that I never wanted to hear it again. But I guess ten years will do a lot in terms of easing over-play tedium. It reminds me of the year all my older friends in High School were graduating. Makes me think of one young man in particular. He still hasn’t forgiven me.

I’d be curious to know what personal meaning people attach to these same songs. If you’re feeling so inclined, have a listen and reminisce. Me, I’m going to make some DE-LISH tuna salad to eat with a whole wheat slice of toast for dinner. Yum!

*A side note. I recently spent time with my pop-culture obsessed friends, Sam and Lara (and Slim). Lara postulated that we often gravitate towards a certain type of music because we relate to it, or it embodies our feelings. It would follow, then, that our feelings sound like our favorite music. Slim’s feelings sound like Elvis Costello. Lara’s sound like Weezer. I realize that my feelings sound a little bit like a lot of things, but that quite often my feelings sound like disco. I just wanted to take this moment and thank everyone who loves me for loving a woman whose feelings sound like disco. And sometimes Aimee Mann.