missing organs?Man. I came across a picture of this guy on a friend’s myspace (yeah, I know, save it) and it triggered so many memories. I instantly remembered being fascinated by his musings, songs, and also his…um…well…his suit! Yeah. Suit.

For those of you who don’t recognize him, Slim Goodbody was a character on various TV programs (and eventually his own series) starting in the early 80’s, who extolled the virtues of healthy eating and exercise, and promoted self-esteem. He ended his segments (at least the ones I remember) by telling the audience, “Give yourself a hug. Say, ‘I love my body. I’m the best me in the world!'” He was so awesome, you just wanted to hang out with him. Or at least I did. I realize that many other people were terrified of Slim Goodbody, but to me he felt like a friend. He’s the first person I remember really telling me that I should like myself. Clearly his various lessons were lost on me, but I appreciate his efforts.

Anyway, I was surprised and happy to find that just a year ago, at 54, he was still going strong (though his site is now non-functional, which I find a bit concerning). He may not have the smooth afro anymore (or even the mullet, for that matter), but from the looks of everything I found, he is still educating with the same enthusiasm and sincerity that I remember. It’s easy to poke fun at a grown man in a skin-tight leotard painted with human organs…and yes, I admit it’s a little strange…but he’s been making impressions (traumatic or otherwise) on children for thirty years. And if you have kids, or have ever worked with them, you know what a challenge that can be. Slim’s been doing something right, and I have to applaud him. If he were here right now, I’d ask him to give himself a big hug, and I’d tell him he’s the best Slim in the world.