Wade�s comment and the pic of that costume yesterday got me all nostalgic for Halloweens gone by.

The best costumes come from the drug storeHalloween was always such a great time to look forward to. Despite the tales of razor-blades embedded in treats, that famous serial killer who was supposedly loose and possibly in my neighborhood, and the fact that most of our costumes were just collections of safety hazards, we had a great time. My hood had one of the old dudes who gave out full-size candy bars, a guy that wore like a fake hanging eyeball and acted really creepy when you reached into his bowl of candy, and one house where every year there was a fat scarecrow on the porch swing that was actually a man who would JUMP UP AT YOU when you walked past him. I think the first year he did it to me I cried and was scared, and he gave me extra candy.

Then I became too old to go asking for candy with my mom, and instead got to wear sexy costumes to foggy, dark Halloween Parties where Thriller played. Or Bauhaus.

That got me thinking about all the great (and not-so-great) costumes I�ve had throughout the years. I�ll skip the not-so great ones (like that time I was four and insisted that I was dressed as Wonder Woman even though I was just in my underwear with some stickers on it) and tell you about my top five:

Magic wands for making jerks disappearAge 7- Butterfly. A very nice store-bought costume that was worn with a leotard and tights. Blue satin �exoskeleton� with silver glittery accents. Pretty gauzy wings. And springy antennae. Loved it, wore it ALL the time. Even in March. It lived in �the costume bag� until it completely deteriorated. I think some part of it is still in my mom�s garage. We had a Halloween party that year and I was pissed I didn�t win first prize. My mom tried explaining that I could have any of the prizes I wanted later, since we had bought them and there were more. But I was still pissed. Adam is probably laughing right now. And Rina. My mom is probably remembering how I ALWAYS wanted to win first place at my own parties.

Age 11- Bride of Frankenstein. Got a cool old white gown from a family friend, tore and dirtied it. Did my hair up in a scary fro and painted the white stripes in. That year we threw a Halloween Party at my grandma�s house. All the kids in my class came. It was awesome. I had a little bust and it showed in the dress. I think one of the boys was flirting with me.

You're lucky, he's lucky, I'm lucky, the bannister's lucky!Age 15- Magenta. I found a magenta-colored French Maid outfit, did the make-up just right, and teased out my bad perm. Fishnets. Heels. Time warp.

Age 16-19 Flappers, Greek Myths, Season Fairies (I was Winter), Black & White Television Icons. These were fun because they were group and matching costumes with my girlfriends from High School.

Age 21- Bride of Frankenstein II. This time I bought a wig for the purpose (getting that fro out had been a painful task) and added the stripes. Scary make-up. It wasn�t flattering. At. All. But it was the first �couple� costume I wore with a boy. Adam was Frankenstein. He looked pretty cute, actually.

P.S. I fucking hate candy cornSome of my friends now are old enough to be taking their own little ones trick-or-treating. Some are still partying like nothing else matters. Some are already old cranks, who will probably sit inside with the lights off. To those friends I say, every egg you threw will one day return to you.

I�d like to know what everyone else�s favorite costumes and Halloween memories are! Please leave obscenely long-winded comments so I feel better about this long-ass entry.