They loved them some cornThis afternoon I went over to LACMA to check out the new exhibit of Mayan artifacts and attend the Sunday Live performance.

I like going to the museum alone. It gives me time to think, and sort through things. It’s relaxing and rejuvenating. And I usually get a visit from the muse at some point.

Today it came in the form of optimism.

PerfectStanding in the Japanese exhibit, looking at a tiny and rotund bronze elephant about the size of a chihuaua, I was delighted. I gawked at the intricate Netsuke in disbelief. My favorite was a perfect ivory cherry blossom, open, with a tiny bud nestled next to it. As I wound my way up the ramp that climbed to the top of the gallery, I felt elated. Seeing the beautiful things that human beings can produce gives me a renewed sense of optimism about our potential. The beauty we can create, if we want to, and just knowing that these objects exist made me feel so much better.

At the very top of the ramp there was a dragon holding a crystal ball, a big one. I’d never seen one before. Looking into it, you see the out the other side but everything is round and upside down. The distortion made me dizzy, and then I had an overpowering thought–Everything is about to change.