Like a genie coming out of the bottleHad an explosion of Cyan toner all over my hands and clothes, the color copier, and the library where the copier is housed. It was beautiful.

You're so glib, Helena...Took a presentation to this guy’s office for approvals. I don’t know why, but I was terrified. I thought I’d like, run into him, or he’d come out after I left and throw the presentation at me screaming, “This is garbage! You have no idea what you’re talking about!” Strangely, the delivery was made without incident.

BronzedOn the way back, I passed this other guy’s office. That place is really creepy. I felt his presence.

I'm a slightly better driverI drove the golf cart and it felt dangerous. I almost ran over a courier, but it was his own fault. He came darting out from behind this truck and I hardly had any time to react! Unlike being in your car, where you can safely flip someone off and speed away, driving the cart makes things personal. By which I mean, it’s much easier to get your ass dragged out and whipped. I laughed and apologized, he laughed and apologized–even though we were both shouting obscenities in our minds.

The goatee makes him evilRe-did our lobby display case with all new stuff. Got to keep all the old Star Trek stuff for myself. And Shane. Including ships, Fisher Price People Spock and Kirk, action figures of the crew (including the evil Spock with blade and goatee), and more nerdy junk than I could have ever wished for.

It was a good day. Except I’m a little smurfy right now.