Yesterday I got a mini-tour of the lot. Until I started working here, I had no idea how many of my favorite movies are Paramount properties. Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sunset Boulevard, The Warriors. Come out to plaaaaaaaaay...Yeah, The Warriors. My co-worker, who showed me around in the golf cart (I will be wreaking havoc in it shortly), has been with Paramount over ten years, so she knows all the stories. She showed me the stage supposedly haunted by the little girl from Poltergeist, and the gate Gloria Swanson drove through. We also went by Robert Evans’ office (weird) and Tom Cruise’s office (weirder) so I’d know where to take things, if and when I have to take things there. We drove down to the “graveyard,” where old office furniture, set pieces, and other abandoned miscellania get sent to for the taking. She let out a gasp as we entered the large warehouse, which was half empty. This used to be full, just full, of all the old Star Trek sets. I wanted you to see that. Apparently, for years, they were just sitting there. Same with lots of the costumes. And now, gone. I want to know what they did with them, but I’m kind of embarrassed to go poking my nose around. It breaks my heart to think of all these pieces of movie and television history collecting dust and deteriorating somewhere—or worse, being thrown away. I don’t know why I get so sentimental over movies. They’ve always been part of my escape, the world in my head. I can’t bear to think of them being forgotten or neglected. This is how I know that I am in the right place now.