This is a day. A serious fucking day.

I just got repeatedly called stupid by some guy calling from the 720 area code with a BIG news story. Must be one of those intense, late-breaking, Hollywood items you only find in that hotbed of enterainment happenings…Colorado. He was pissed off that our News Department here had told him to call New York. I repeatedly tried explaining that it was our main corporate office. He still didn’t get it. Then I tried explaining what a corporate office was. Still confused. The rest of the first call went something like this. Oh, I should mention he had a slight lisp. Sounded kind of like Mike Tyson, actually.

Hotnews: [For the twentieth time] Why did she tell me to call New York when she’s here?
Poethelena: As I explained, that’s our main office. That’s the biiiig office.
H: But howcome she told me to call New York? She wouldn’t answer my questions.
P: What is it you want?
H: I have a story
P: And the News Department here told you to call New York, right?
H: Yes
P: So you should call New York
H: But why did she tell me to do that!
P: Sir, this isn’t making sense. You just need to call New York
H: No, YOU’RE not making any sense. What are you, stupid?
P: [Not getting paid enough for this shit] I don’t have to take an abusive call, so I’m ending this conversation.

End Call.

He calls me back–and tries to disguise his voice!!! I know. It’s rich.

H: [In his deep voice] Uh, yes, hello miss. I have a very important News Story.
P: I’m pretty sure we just talked and you were told to call our New York office.
H: [Drops the act] Yes, I know. But why?
P: [Is he fucking with me?] I can’t explain why, that is the decision of the News Department.
H: You must be stupid.
P: Okay. I’m ending this call now. I’m recording this number as an abusive caller, and if you continue to call I’ll report it to the phone company.
H: No, wait, I can get through this.

End Call.

He called back like twenty times. In thirty minutes. I kept picking up the line and just hanging up. I called my supervisor in HR to ask what I should do. They said to transfer him upstairs the next time. I did. And voila! No more calls. Whatever they said, it must have satiated his curiosity about…Why.