Ok! Here’s a new one for everybody! This young man hails from Nebraska. He found my profile on yahoo and IMed. He is also from the school of not-reading-the-three-details-on-the-profile. Notice, he has no idea how old I am! Also notice that in his profile, he states under interests, “Amateurs.” The pic I sent him is linked to in the profile. It came from Herbal Smoke Shop.

Ok, without further ado…LATE!

pmc1223 (9:30:56 PM): hey
poethelena (9:31:40 PM): hey, what’s up?
pmc1223 (9:31:56 PM): not much..you?
poethelena (9:32:31 PM): just chillin
pmc1223 (9:32:46 PM): cool…me to
pmc1223 (9:34:11 PM): age?
poethelena (9:35:08 PM): did you see my profile?
pmc1223 (9:35:18 PM): umm hold on
pmc1223 (9:35:38 PM): i see…I’m 25
poethelena (9:36:08 PM): good detective work!
pmc1223 (9:36:30 PM): hey thanks….so are we kinda a smart ass?
poethelena (9:36:54 PM): you think?
pmc1223 (9:37:41 PM): good…i like that..
poethelena (9:38:01 PM): i know what you want…
pmc1223 (9:38:20 PM): oh really?…you think so huh?
pmc1223 (9:40:07 PM): still there?
poethelena (9:40:35 PM): what kind of projects do you manage?
pmc1223 (9:40:58 PM): large scale homes
poethelena (9:41:47 PM): Is that where you engage in pursuit of your interest, Amateurs ?
pmc1223 (9:42:18 PM): umm what?
poethelena (9:43:02 PM): On your yahoo profile page, under interests, it says Amateurs. Nothing to be embarrassed about…
poethelena (9:44:31 PM): Did I scare you away?
pmc1223 (9:44:45 PM): does it?…ha I have no idea how that got there..thats funny
poethelena (9:45:14 PM): You don’t say!
poethelena (9:45:17 PM): I’m tickled.
poethelena (9:45:27 PM): So you’re not into that, then?
poethelena (9:45:31 PM): Too bad…
pmc1223 (9:46:09 PM): well thats kinda a broad statment “amateurs” how do you take it?
poethelena (9:46:37 PM): Well, considering the page it takes me to…looks like girls with webcams…
poethelena (9:46:46 PM): Draw your own conclusion, I guess
pmc1223 (9:47:24 PM): so are you into it?
poethelena (9:47:58 PM): I don’t know. Does it actually exist in your profile? Or was that my imagination.
pmc1223 (9:48:49 PM): no..its there I was just looking at it…but I really have no idea how that got there..its new to me…but I mean hell ya I’m into naked women…haha
poethelena (9:50:19 PM): What a coincidence! Because I’m a woman.
poethelena (9:50:23 PM): And I’m naked.
poethelena (9:50:26 PM): Under my clothes.
pmc1223 (9:50:39 PM): you rock..lol
pmc1223 (9:50:58 PM): so miss smart ass…what are you into?
poethelena (9:51:05 PM): Smart assing.
poethelena (9:51:19 PM): You chat to many girls tonight?
pmc1223 (9:51:22 PM): well I already know that
pmc1223 (9:51:40 PM): no…just my friends back in NE mostly
poethelena (9:51:56 PM): Is that New England or Nebraska?
poethelena (9:52:06 PM): Cos I dig guys from Nebraska.
pmc1223 (9:52:43 PM): Nebraska…I just moved out here like 8 months ago….you know guys from NE?
poethelena (9:53:09 PM): A couple
poethelena (9:53:16 PM): there’s just something about them…
pmc1223 (9:53:26 PM): well then your in luck I guess
poethelena (9:53:33 PM): Yes, I guess so.
poethelena (9:53:36 PM): Do you have a pic?
pmc1223 (9:53:54 PM): sure do…do you have another one then your profile
poethelena (9:54:13 PM): Sure. You first.
pmc1223 (9:54:30 PM): email?
pmc1223 (9:56:19 PM): address?
poethelena (9:56:24 PM): You can send it through messenger.
pmc1223 (9:56:33 PM): umm hold on
[The file transfer message reads: “I’m the One in Green”]
Pic Transferred
poethelena (9:56:43 PM): I hardly even know you
pmc1223 (9:57:31 PM): and?
poethelena (9:59:16 PM): Nice earring
poethelena (9:59:19 PM): I dig it
poethelena (10:00:07 PM): I think you’re a little too pretty for me, actually
pmc1223 (10:00:07 PM): thanks
pmc1223 (10:00:17 PM): umm ok…
pmc1223 (10:00:28 PM): you like ugly guys?
poethelena (10:00:38 PM): I guess so
poethelena (10:00:40 PM): I’m just realizing this
poethelena (10:00:43 PM): for the first time
poethelena (10:00:52 PM): I don’t want to live in fear
poethelena (10:00:59 PM): that my love would be disfigured tragically
poethelena (10:01:04 PM): like the mimbo
pmc1223 (10:01:11 PM): thats not a good thing…so where is your pic?
poethelena (10:01:34 PM): One sec
[The file transfer message reads: “I’m the One in Pink”]
Pic Transferred
poethelena (10:03:02 PM): You’ll be pleasantly surprised
poethelena (10:03:03 PM): I trust
pmc1223 (10:03:31 PM): what the hell is that about?
poethelena (10:04:14 PM): I figure if you’re looking for something, it’s nice to find what you’re looking for without any of the excess bullshit…
poethelena (10:04:23 PM): you know, face, brain, etc.
pmc1223 (10:04:51 PM): umm ok…well I’m done talking to you know…LATE
poethelena (10:05:03 PM): Have a nice evening!