Crazy what some people cull from these yahoo profiles. Be sure to read mine first, so you see how little information is contained. It’s so open to the imagination. Really, a virtual playground for our fantasies to roll around in. Also, “the entertainment industry”=”actress.” Also, don’t ignore him. And don’t forget to add, to prove his worth and virility.

Note: To all the fellows chatting us up i-babes, here’s a fun game to play! Try to remember (or at least read) all six pieces of information about the person you IM, before you write to them! It’s challenging and rewarding!

hii_byy: waw u look great..!
poethelena: waw thanks!
hii_byy: well i male 26 santa monica
hii_byy: and single too
hii_byy: pic in profile
poethelena: I am 24 venice
hii_byy: waw
hii_byy: i saw ur profile
poethelena: My age and where I live of course, not what I am
poethelena: I guessed that’s why you wrote
poethelena: You liked my profile?
hii_byy: and thats why i m talking to u
hii_byy: yah..
hii_byy: u seems staright frwd
poethelena: Straight forward, was there anything particular that gave you that impression?
hii_byy: yes..
hii_byy: ur pic and profile
hii_byy: u have written almost everything abt u
hii_byy: which i guess is true
poethelena: Yeah, there’s definitely a lot about me
hii_byy: so..i m right or wrong?
poethelena: I am quite straightforward, yes
hii_byy: that def works..!
poethelena: Like I might say to someone, the only thing on my profile is a photo, and my ASL, and that I like beer…and that they are probably not looking for a straightforward girl, but a slutty one.
poethelena: For example.
hii_byy: hmm
hii_byy: u seems talkative like me
poethelena: Yes, I’m pretty chatty
hii_byy: i live at venice n lincon
hii_byy: and work on whilshare
poethelena: Oh, that’s very close
poethelena: What do you do?
hii_byy: pastry chef….same proffession
poethelena: Same profession as what?
poethelena: Oh, my job is on that profile too
hii_byy: i mean u r in food industry too
poethelena: I forgot to mention that
poethelena: not a pastry chef
poethelena: You may be mistaking me
hii_byy: i know….but u r in food service
poethelena: one of the five things on my profile says I am a receptionist
poethelena: Perhaps my full figure has misled you
poethelena: I enjoy pastries, but I do not make them professionally
hii_byy: sorry
hii_byy: the thing is…
hii_byy: i saw ur pic
hii_byy: its in a restaurant
hii_byy: and i just read receptionist
poethelena: Yeah, that is a picnic table at Oktoberfest
hii_byy: in a pic…i was looking at u more than surroundings
poethelena: right
poethelena: No, I get you
poethelena: I’m a receptionist at an office building
hii_byy: and there is so much to read..i was totaly…wrong
hii_byy: but cool..its cool
poethelena: Yeah, it’s a long read
poethelena: I definitely chat up a storm
hii_byy: networking..u said…
poethelena: Yes
hii_byy: so r u in software?
poethelena: Yes
poethelena: I am an aspiring software developer
hii_byy: thats cool
poethelena: just trying to get my foot in the door
hii_byy: my room mate was networking manager
poethelena: Oh yeah?
hii_byy: for some firm on 4th n whilshare
hii_byy: now he moved to san jose
hii_byy: infact whole unit
poethelena: Yeah, all the “big guys” are up there
poethelena: my heroes
poethelena: Man, what I’d do to Bill Gates if I ever met him
hii_byy: he took all his servers there too
poethelena: Well, what else would he do with them?
poethelena: How many did he have?
hii_byy: i cant tell that
hii_byy: but all were in downtown
hii_byy: i dont know, many
poethelena: oh
poethelena: That’s where I keep mine, too
hii_byy: but wt i know is…he was always on laptop…
hii_byy: or phone
poethelena: Ah, yes
hii_byy: never used to get free time for himself
poethelena: You know, you’re right
poethelena: I’m not sure this is the right field for me
hii_byy: even after working whole day
hii_byy: but i can see..u r hard working
poethelena: Maybe I should go into the entertainment industry
hii_byy: and u dont wana give up
poethelena: Well, sometimes I wonder
poethelena: is it really worth it?
poethelena: All this sweat and blood
hii_byy: i understand
poethelena: *sigh*
poethelena: You’ve really given me something to think about
hii_byy: but i wd say…start something slowly slowly
hii_byy: i mean going in to showbiz…directly
poethelena: Oh, so maybe like a receptionist job?
poethelena: Another one, I mean.
hii_byy: kind of…
hii_byy: do u act?
hii_byy: i mean u can act?
poethelena: I think I’m a good actress
poethelena: very believable
hii_byy: thats cool
hii_byy: wt else u need?
poethelena: Just some big dreams, honey
hii_byy: i wana be a rich n famous
hii_byy: i m trying but
poethelena: Famous at what?
hii_byy: i need a partner
hii_byy: some one cool
poethelena: Oh yeah
poethelena: what would she need to do
hii_byy: like u may be
poethelena: Does she get to eat lots of pastries?
poethelena: Because if she does, I’m in
hii_byy: i never know
hii_byy: wt kinda pastry u like?
poethelena: Everything
hii_byy: still
poethelena: Cookies are best
hii_byy: anything specific
hii_byy: we dont make cokkies
hii_byy: sorry
poethelena: Then I’m out!
poethelena: What about canoli?
hii_byy: muffins?
poethelena: Muffins are good
hii_byy: french pastries?
poethelena: Those are good too
hii_byy: tomarrow
hii_byy: u got it
poethelena: i got what?
hii_byy: pastry
hii_byy: i mean french pastry
poethelena: Oh yeah?
hii_byy: may be choco french..tommarow
poethelena: You going to make one for me?
hii_byy: sure
hii_byy: but..u need to pick that up…
hii_byy: fr any public place u want..!
hii_byy: AM I TOO FAST
poethelena: Ok, I’ll IM you later
poethelena: no, it’s ok, I’m just tired
poethelena: it’s my bedtime
hii_byy: WAIT
poethelena: ok
hii_byy: one sec
poethelena: it’s a good thing you spoke up
hii_byy: one sec listen
hii_byy: actually i dont have to be that fast,…but
hii_byy: u shd have told me that u dint like that
hii_byy: u dint like that..i knw
poethelena: didn’t like what?
hii_byy: offeing u to get pastries fr me
hii_byy: though we r talking first time
poethelena: No, believe me, the pastries are fine
poethelena: I really am just tired
poethelena: it is almost midnight!
hii_byy: no u r avoiding me
hii_byy: its okk with me
poethelena: I’m not, really
poethelena: I need to sleep so I can get up early tomorrow
hii_byy: hey….i wd apprciate..if u tell me…i wont feel bad
hii_byy: may be not now…anytime…ever
hii_byy: u take care
hii_byy: i dont like to pester people..!
hii_byy: u r the coolest female i have ever chated in 2-3 months time
hii_byy: byeee..and tx a lot
poethelena: Oh, you too. Have a good night.
hii_byy: u dint add me..that indicates…i dint impress u enough
hii_byy: (sad face)