…to mourn the demise of my egg-shaped alarm clock, new answering machine, and jambox. They met their untimely ends as a result as a series of a building-wide power out-ages and on-ages, as maintenance (Ray) figured out what the hell was going on. For a while it looked like the jambox was going to pull through–even after spewing smoke from both the CD and tape compartments, it turned on and played discs. Alas, there is a constant buzzing sound that seriously detracts from my Violent Femmes listening pleasure. Into the dumpster it goes. I’m sure our regular scavenger will be thrilled at the proliferation of appliances there this evening.

Fortunately, I had surge protectors for my major electronic goodies (namely computer and entertainment center). Some tenants in the building were not so lucky. So I guess I shouldn’t complain about my gadgets. It’s just sad–what could be more pathetic than a machine dedicated to one purpose, when it can no longer serve that purpose?