New developments! It seems that Carlo is now under the impression that Lindsey (for that is her name) is actually me. Which she is not. As she told him. But the upshot is that he keeps IMing me (her), and giving me (her) some valuable advice. Such as the following:

guy90026 (6/29/2004 5:59:57 PM): and one last thing, no need to replay to that, i just red some of your stuff also other chat you posted, it is ironic how you post all that, it seems that you are just a really smart woman and funny too…i’ll give you the funny side that you have indeed but don’t flatter yourself too much, after all you are not all that tall and hot so keep writing but lower your ego a bit, it may just help you

I’m going to resist the temptation to make any remarks with the phrase “stubby” or “short” in them, out of respect for Carlo’s feelings. And I’m really going to work on that ego issue. But it will be challenging; you know how highly I think of myself though, and how vain I am.